Hedge & Haven - Modern Day Living - Winter 2022
Hedge & Haven - Modern Day Living - Winter 2022

Hedge & Haven provides custom-tailored services allowing clients to trade in their “to-do” lists and gain the gift of time in return. Our services, time-saving tips and home management solutions allow you to enjoy more clarity while simplifying the needs of your home, calendar and lifestyle…oh, and we believe in scattering joy along the way!


We can help rejuvinate your home, where you gather, dine and celebrate…

Let us grab those last minute ingredients for you and some fresh flowers for your party…

From meal planning to fridge stocking… we’ve got you and your food needs covered!


I was busy with a full time job and Eileen brought Christmas to my home in a way I never could! We had just moved in, and by the time she was done her magic, it looked like our family had been there for years, with warmth, decor, wreaths, candles and lights, both inside and out.”


Eileen is a joy to work with. She has helped me with many different projects, and each time she goes above and beyond my expectations!”


Eileen puts her heart and soul into every project no matter how small. She is extremely thoughtful in the way she personalizes and curates her work, and her care packages provide a unique experience for her clients”


“Eileen has been a life-saver. She does personal tasks for me such as organizing my private business matters. She has helped me with reasonably priced décor well. She is efficient and gives back some of my time by running errands. Eileen is also always positive and comes up with ideas to make my life pleasant, such as suggesting an inexpensive music system. One day my TV broke, and she helped me select and set up a better TV the next day. She makes my life more effective.


“I met Eileen when she arrived unexpectedly with dinner for 2, as a way to introduce herself and one of her many skills. She has made delicious meals for us, decorated for Christmas, decluttered and freshly decorated our 4 upstairs bedrooms to get them ready for our families. During the quarantine, she has brought groceries, flowers to lift spirits and offered to help us in any other way we needed. She has been easy to work with and a blessing in our lives.”


“Eileen is outstanding! She can do anything and everything! Eileen is professional, knowledgeable, creative, and a dream to work with. Eileen truly cares and is helpful in every way.


“Happy? Brought tears, and she just said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful bouquet!”